ELIDE FIRE ® extinguishing ball
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ELIDE FIRE Fire Extinguishing Ball “Loving Care” 400 g


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Technical information:
  •  Weight of the extinguishing agent: 490 g (+ or - 0.2 g)
  •  Total weight: 400 g (+ or - 10 g)
  •  Diameter: 105 mm
  •  Activation time: 3 - 10 sec on contact with the flame
  •  Audible warning signal: 90 - 110 dBA
  •  Lifespan: 5 years
  •  Ensures effective 360˚ extinguishing area of 1 square meters
  •  CE marking NB: 1395 – P1-0128/2010

ELIDE FIRE® provides extinguishing and monitoring
of all classes of fires:
  • Class A - Dry fires (wood, paper, fabrics...)
  • Class B - Oily fires (flammable liquids, plastics, etc.)
  • Class C - Gas fires (propane, butane...)
  • Class E - Fires of electrical origin
  • Class F - Fires linked to cooking aids
For classes B, C, F, and fires of electrical origin, the ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball is used for passive protection only.

Precautions for use. Heat alone cannot activate your Extinguishing Ball. It only triggers when in contact with flames. Do not store or place the product in a humid place (+80%) or direct contact with sunlight.


How does it work ?

In just 3 to 10 seconds after contact with the flame, the pyrotechnic capsule located inside the product is activated thanks to a system of wicks present on the external surface of the extinguisher ball. An immediate burst is caused: the extinguishing powder is dispersed over an area of ​​8 to 10 square meters (which is equivalent to a standard 2.5 kg extinguisher). The resulting blast then pushes the oxygen out of the fire zone, and the fire is extinguished instantly. The extinguishing agent then creates a film on the burning material, which definitively breaks the combustion phenomenon.

No training or skill is required to use the fireball. It is accessible to everyone.

How to use the ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball?

It's very simple, just throw the ball toward the fire, and it will automatically activate and instantly disperse the extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire. If a fire breaks out in an unoccupied room, ELIDE FIRE® will activate on contact with the fire, emitting in addition to its extinguishing action an audible warning by its detonation. By this characteristic, the ball can be placed at any place presenting a risk of fire, like in your kitchen, or above the sockets often overloaded, close to an electrical cupboard, in a car, in a boat... In short, everything you want to protect.

Active use: When a fire breaks out, you just have to throw the ball toward the fire. It will naturally fall in contact with the flames and will activate in 3 to 10 seconds. No pins, spare parts, or training: the ball measures 152 mm in diameter and weighs 1.3 kg (+/- 0.2 kg), it is very easy to use.


Passive use: One of the most important advantages of the ELIDE FIRE® ball is that it is triggered automatically in the presence of fire. If placed in high-fire-risk areas, where most fires start, it will automatically activate when it comes in contact with a flame.



The best passive-use option is installing the ball in the most vulnerable places in its wire basket. The ball can be fixed on a support or simply placed on a flat, visible, and easily accessible surface. The most recommended areas are places with a high risk of fire such as electrical cabinets, kitchens, storage rooms, engine compartments, etc.

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