ELIDE FIRE - Automatic Fire Extinguishing Ball 400 ± 10 grams

fire extinguishing ball 400g cars
Fire Classes



     ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball 400 ± 10 grams (lifesaver) with standard installation equipment. Recommended for the vehicle engine room. The product is capable of surveillance and preventing fire automatically in the engine rooms and boats or even electric vehicles by installing above a battery, electric motor, or other fire-prone areas.

Technical information:
  •  Weight of the extinguishing agent: 390 g (+ or - 0.2 g)
  •  Total weight: 400 g (+ or - 10 g)
  •  Diameter: 105 mm
  •  Activation time: 3 - 10 sec on contact with the flame
  •  Audible warning signal: 90 - 110 dBA
  • Usability and storing temperature: Not less than - 40°C and Not over +85°C
  • Activation time: 3 - 10 sec on contact with a flame
  • Lifespan: 2 years
  • Installed 2 units above the engine compartment
ELIDE FIRE® provides extinguishing and monitoring of:
  • Class G* ( Fire caused by liquid or flammable gas in the engine room)
    For classes G only, do not use this variation for classes A, B, C, and F,  the ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball is used for passive protection only.

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Warning: Do not install nearby the exhausting pipes in the engine room because ELIDE FIRE® may get damaged

Precautions for use.

  • Heat alone cannot activate your Extinguishing Ball. It only triggers when in contact with flames.
  • Do not store or place the product in a humid place (+80%) or in direct contact with sunlight.
  • For fire surveillance and prevention the device should be only installed indoor
  • Do not unnecessarily ignite the device for fun.
  • The device should not be used as play things for children.
  • If the device has cracked or has leakage this will reduce its effectiveness.

How does it work?

In just 3 to 10 seconds after contact with the flame, the pyrotechnic capsule located inside the product is activated thanks to a system of wicks present on the external surface of the extinguisher ball. An immediate burst is caused: the extinguishing powder is dispersed over an area of the engine room. The resulting blast then pushes the oxygen out of the fire zone, and the fire is extinguished instantly. The extinguishing agent then creates a film on the burning material, which definitively breaks the combustion phenomenon.


How to use it?

It's very simple, install two ELIDE FIRE  Fire Extinguishing Ball “Life Saver” 400 g above the engine compartment, pipelines, fuel lines, or the battery. However, Do not install it near the exhausting pipes in the engine room because the Fire Extinguishing Ball may get damaged.




World renowned quality

ELIDE FIRE® is a patented invention that has benefited from strict quality assurance tests to guarantee its performance. In addition, the product has won Best Innovation Gold Medal at Europe Eureka Innovation Awards, Japan Genius Award Bronze Medal, WIPO Award Gold Medal, KIPA Award Gold Medal of South Korea, the Gold Medal of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation of the Russian Federation and the National Research Council of Thailand.More recently, it is integrated into a post-fire intervention and surveillance drone and obtained, during its presentation at the 2018 Lépine Competition, the Senate Grand Prize and the Industry Chamber of Commerce Prize. In May 2019, ELIDE FIRE® received the gold medal from the World Genius Convention in Tokyo and also obtained the Tokyo Award Cup.

ELIDE FIRE® is certified for use in the European Community and ensures product compliance with Community requirements.

The intellectual property of the product is patented

  •  WIPO PCT International Patent No. WO2008 / 150265
  •  European patent n° EP 2160233
  •  Thai Patent No. 18966
  •  Eurasian Patent No. 200802044
  •  Turkish Patent No. TR2008 09279Y
  •  US Patent No. US 6796382 at the Trademark Office
  •  Chinese Invention Patent No. ZL 02829433.5
  •  World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) No. PCT / US / 2002/025158

Elide Fire is a technological breakthrough which has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the firefighting products market during the last years. Based on a revolutionary technology, the fireball self-detonates in contact with fire, thus it is inevitable that it will outshadow any other firefighting product.