ELIDE FIRE ® extinguishing ball
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, patent, trademark, copyright. The manufacturer and inventor have protected their intellectual property by registering patents in Thailand, and other countries around the world under domestic Madrid Protocol. The patents were registered in the following countries.

Patent Thailand, United States of America, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the People's Republic of China, European Union countries, Eurasian countries, ASEAN countries, and many other countries

Trademark ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball logo mark of Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. Thailand was registered in over 100 countries. Thailand is a member of Madrid Protocol, which is the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks in Madrid in 1989. It was established by Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. The company registered the trademark using ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball trade name with Registration No. Kor 225262 on 30 September 2004 and renewed the Registration No. 171123188 on 16 March 2016 and registered the trademark all around the world and announced its ownership to prevent counterfeit trademarks and products.

Reference: https://wipolex.wipo.int/en/treaties/ShowResults?search_what=B&bo_id=20 

For non-member countries, the company has already registered the trademark in those countries.

Word Mark ELIDE FIRE Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. Thailand registered this mark in over 100 member countries

Create Brand Identity ELIDE FIRE

For the sole distributor uses the trademark according to the Sole Distributor Agreement Create Brand Identity of ELIDE FIRE with Digital Marketing International Expert. Contact Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. Banglamung district, Chonburi province, 20150, Thailand Tel. +6638414184-5 or email itdesign@elidefire.com, csmarketing@elidefire.com

Counterfeit trademarks or products for customs officers in various countries

Copyright for Audio Visual Material No. 060784 dated on 7 May 1998 Year of creation, announcement, advertising in June 1998 VCD about the fire extinguishing ball. Never allow anyone to use or assign the right of Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. It is used by Mr. Woradech Kaimart, who later changed his name to Phanawatnan Kaimart, the owner and Managing Director. He is an inventor in Thailand. The background: the fire extinguishing ball is the result of witnessing a tragedy. Efficiency, how to use it, and how the fire extinguishing ball works. The VCD also shows the basis of the invention of the fire extinguishing ball. It is 8.40 minutes long.

Copyright Announced in Thailand Literature – Printed Material No. 060785 The Company registered the copyright on 7 May 1998. First advertising in June 1998 Creation Thailand. Description of the fire extinguishing ball, the product developed and designed in Thailand, is as follows: 1. Fire extinguishing ball details 2. Current fire extinguishing problems 3. How to solve the problems by the fire extinguishing ball 4. How to use the product to extinguish fire 5. Installation 6. Working system 7. Fire extinguishing ball properties 8. Certifications and awards and 9. Quality assurance standards

The international agreement on copyright protection was created in 1886 with The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. It comprises members from over 177 countries around the world. Thailand joined the membership in 1931 under the Convention.

Reference https://wipolex.wipo.int/en/treaties/ShowResults?search_what=B&bo_id=7        

Copyright Act of 1976, U.S. Code Title 17, Section 107 on Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use Even though it does not clearly define what Fair Use is, there are consideration criteria of Fair Use according to the following 4 conditions:

  • PURPOSE : consider the purpose and characteristics of the use of the copyrighted work whether for commercial purpose or educational, non-profit purpose.
  • NATURE : consider the nature of the copyrighted work
  • AMOUNT : consider the number or amount of use compared to the total work and consider whether the essence of the work is used or not and how
  • EFFECT : consider the effect on the market and the value of the copyrighted work

Announcement For those who duplicate, modify, sell, distribute, import or publicize “product with intellectual property” without permission by Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. the owner of the intellectual property for business benefits or profits, the company will proceed strictly with legal actions.
Our Global Patent
Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. Automatic Extinguishing Ball is protected under international PATENT.


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