ELIDE FIRE ® extinguishing ball
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Safety Corner

Fire prevention tips for a factory, warehouse, high-rise building, or large building by using ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball series 1.3 ± 0.2 kilograms to detect and extinguish the fire is a strategy for eliminating fire disasters away from your business so you can always run your business securely.

Tips for short circuit, fire, and accident prevention Install ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball in 5-10 cm power distribution board and above electrical appliances. Damaged wires, all types of electrical appliances if overloaded, plugs, cut-outs, or breaker switches installed in the control panel with a circuit board, or all types of electrical appliances are fire-prone areas. ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball will extinguish the fire from electrical devices with a high voltage of 5000 V (E class) for 24 hours.

How to install ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball. Negligence and fire in a building may occur because of actions, accidents, or negligence. There are many people in a big or high-rise building where fire occurs. This may be dangerous for others. Install the product in a clearly visible area for convenience to use, e.g., throw, pitch, and place into the fire.

In a Class A and Class B flammable fuel warehouse or storage area, fuel leak, heat, and oxygen may result in flame and fire. ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball should be installed to detect and extinguish fire automatically 50-100 cm above the storage location. Class B flammable liquid fuel or Class A flammable fuel storage area is a fire-prone area.

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