ELIDE FIRE ® extinguishing ball
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There are 2 ways:
1. You can install it above items and machineries (e.g., electrical power panels, cooking hobs, battery charging stations, etc.) where there is a higher risk of fire. When ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball is touched by fire, it will be activated automatically.
2. Throw or roll ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball from the distance between 2-5 m. from the fire for safety measures.

ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball is comprised by chemical powder, a lightweight Styrofoam shell, and a plastic wrapper. They are non-hazardous waste.

No, it is not. The dry powder within the ball is non-hazardous chemical. The activating sound of 90-120 dB. is not harmful to our ears.

The burst is very low-energy, and the debris comprises only dry powder, Styrofoam and plastic wrap.

No, it does not. Only install above the potential risk area.

we use high-quality materials for maximizing efficiency we also are the original products registered by patent.

Yes, we have. You can see it from the menu, Our Certificates.

We use the QR Code system to verify our genuine products.

You can check the available country by the menu, Our Exclusive Distributors.

Expired products should be pierced and buried. The chemical will become fertilizer. However, do not forget to water it because the chemical is saline. It is non-hazardous waste code 15 01 02. The case can be recycled. The chemical is high quality, good water-soluble, clear white crystal fertilizer with highly useful phosphates that are essential for root and treetop development. It helps plants grow well, strengthens the root, trunk, and treetop system helps to bloom and increases the flower size. As it is brought from nature, it can be used by trees to return it to nature.

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