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Alarming Rise in Fire Incidents Demands Effective Fire Prevention Measures

Last updated: 5 Jun 2023  |  882 Views  | 

Alarming Rise in Fire Incidents Demands Effective Fire Prevention Measures

Recent statistics from the Thailand Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation have shed light on the increasing frequency and severity of fire incidents over the past few years. As fire-related hazards continue to pose a significant risk to public safety, it is imperative that individuals and households take proactive steps to minimize these incidents. Alongside recommended safety measures, the installation of ELIDE FIRE fire extinguishing balls presents a powerful solution in combatting fires effectively and swiftly.

Alarming Trends in Fire Incidents:
Analyzing the data from 2019 to 2023, the numbers paint a worrisome picture. In 2019, fire incidents accounted for 38.93% of overall public hazards and disasters, amounting to 299 occurrences. The trend continued into 2020, with 262 fire incidents making up 34.43% of the total. The year 2021 witnessed a substantial rise, reaching 359 incidents (54.31% of overall hazards). In 2022, the number skyrocketed to a staggering 737 fire incidents, representing 70.39% of all public hazards. The first quarter of 2023 alone recorded 246 fire incidents, comprising an alarming 86.01% of overall hazards.

Recommended Fire Prevention Measures:
To mitigate the risks associated with fire incidents, it is crucial to implement preventive measures within homes and communities. The Thailand Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has outlined several essential guidelines:

1. Create a Safe Living Environment: Ensuring a safe living environment involves maintaining proper ventilation, minimizing clutter, and regularly inspecting and repairing potential fire hazards.

2. Utilize Standard Electrical Equipment: Choosing electrical equipment that adheres to recognized safety standards significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires.

3. Select Appropriate Wiring: Using suitable wiring that matches the electrical load helps prevent overloads and short circuits, reducing the likelihood of fire incidents.

4. Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets: Avoid plugging multiple devices into a single electrical outlet, as this can generate excessive heat and trigger fires. Distribute electrical load evenly across outlets.

5. Regularly Inspect Electrical Appliances: Frequently assess the condition of electrical appliances, ensuring that cords are intact, and there are no signs of damage or overheating.

6. Install Fire Protection Devices: Equipping homes and premises with fire protection devices, such as ELIDE FIRE fire extinguishing balls, provides an effective means of fire suppression. These innovative and reliable devices activate automatically upon contact with flames, swiftly extinguishing fires and minimizing potential damage.

7. Exercise Caution During Activities: Exercise caution during activities involving fire, such as cooking or using open flames. Proper supervision and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial in preventing accidents.

8. Utilize Gas Appliances Responsibly: When using gas appliances, exercise caution and follow proper safety protocols to prevent gas leaks and subsequent fires.

The Power of ELIDE FIRE Fire Extinguishing Balls: As part of your fire prevention strategy, ELIDE FIRE fire extinguishing balls offer an additional layer of protection against fire incidents. These revolutionary devices are designed to extinguish fires swiftly and automatically upon contact with flames. Their advanced technology and compact size make them ideal for both residential and commercial settings. By promptly suppressing fires, ELIDE FIRE balls minimize potential damage, safeguard lives, and provide peace of mind.