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We are GENUINE of fire extinguishing ball and automatic firefighting. The next big thing in fire fighting is here!

Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart, inventor of “Fire Extinguishing Ball”

The origin of invention FIRE EXTINGUISHING BALL

In 1997, an event of devastating fire broke out in the Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya.
Mr. Woradech was at the scene as part of the community service. The tragic event inspired him to begin his research to develop equipment for helping people to fight the at the early stage and to stop the spread and damage of fire.

We realized our product, the fire extinguishing ball is a safety product, we have an inspection in very process and for every unit of the ball before reaching to hand of the customer, every process have to follow by stipulated in the quality manual, regulations included other manual which defined in the standard of Quality Management ISO9001:2015

  • Firstly, we have the testing of material before produce the product; we have a quality control inspection which is in accordance with the company manual. We have a testing of every material 100% before keeping in the material store.If found to have raw materials that do not meet specified standards, the company will refuse the raw material immediately. The supplier has to make corrections in accordance with the standards set by the company in time.
  • Secondly,we have quality control inspections on the process of manufacturing which defined in work instruction manualstrictly in every process.The producer has to follow the production manual strictly.Also, the officer has to be honest on duty and follow the quality control manual on every process of manufacturing.
  • Thirdly, the process of quality checking before delivery, there is a product that is finished produce.If the product dose not up to standard as least 1 unit, the company will consider that production lot does not pass quality inspection and the whole lot of product will be rejected immediately.
  • Lastly, the packaging, the company defines for the storage and delivery to protect the damage for delivery. The storage must be limited for overlapping.

Technical information of Elide fire extinguishing ball, which was tested in accordance with GOST R 53291-2009 by the POJTEST staff of the Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection “FGU VNIIPO” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. for electrical equipment with a voltage up to 5,000 volts [E Class] is able to stop short-circuits. The chemical will cover electrical lines and cause a flame.

When the fire extinguishing ball is in a temperature of -40° (233°K) until it reaches +85°C (358°K), the fire extinguishing ball will not decompose. However, the fire extinguishing ball will only activate when touching the flame. The temperature will not affect the operation of the fire extinguishing ball.

In order to show our sincerity, determination and make customers trust. The company has an honest effort with the product, customers, and the final consumer to get the highest product quality. Therefore, the company have to defined for quality inspection ISO9001:2015, from external organization that have the highest standards “TUV SUD”, Germany and inspection every year.

In addition, ELIDE FIRE® has foreign standards from different countries such as the Russian Standard GOST R 53291-2009, the Turkish Standard TSE K 39. Also, we have passed testing from foreign agencies such as testing from CESMES, Chile Report no. SCA-13562, test report from SIRIM QAS International, Malaysia, test report from CESMES Institute of Mexico report no. (7617) 156-0072 report no: 2016FE0484 and etc. Moreover, ELIDE FIRE® received CE Mark certification from the European Union through the product safety inspection process in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission, directive 2013/29 / EU, issued by the assigned body Notified Body 1395.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


The Quality management system
No.TUV 100 12 3529


Manufacture of Fire Extinguishing Ball
No. TUV100 12 3529/2


The sale of Fire Extinguishing Ball
No.TUV100 12 3529/1

Standards and testing of the ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball.

Standards and testing by The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

Assigned by the Head “”POJTEST” Certification Authority under the Federal State Agency. “FGU VNIIPO”

Standards and testing by National Research Institute for research and development by 94 laboratories. ,

Passed through 3 institutes for product testing and research.

Standard GOST R by Russia Federal. ”Fighting equipment. Portable and Mobile device of fire extinguishing with high-speed giving of fire extinguishing substance.


Standards and testing by The National Standard Testing Laboratory
CE1395 “The assessment safe disposal disposed is safely and without effect on the environment.”,

Passed through 3 institutes for product testing and research.

Certified by The European standard CE Notified body 1395
“It isa safe device used with civilians” “Human and Environmental Friendly”


Standards and testing by Efficiency Testing Report by CESMEC, Chile

Certified by Efficiency Testing Report by Mexico


Standards and testing by Efficiency Testing Report by Malaysia


-International Patents and Trademarks


The Elide Fire Ball Trademarks and Patents are property of Elide Fire Ball Pro Co. LTD. This product is under the protection of the World Intellectual Property Law, any violations will result in legal action being taken.


Quality Management Standards ISO 9001 : 2015

Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. has established the quality assurance system based on ISO9001.
We develop and manufacture more reliable productsthat meet our customers’ needs
more than ever before.


Elide Fire is a technological breakthrough which has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the firefighting products market during the last years. Based on a revolutionary technology, the fireball self-detonates in contact with fire, thus it is inevitable that it will outshadow any other firefighting product.




Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd.

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