ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball is a new invention that have been referred from naturally fire theory. That is when the fire occurs, all of the electricity devices are stopped working, but ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball shall operate itself by touching the flame of fire without the unnecessarily electricity concerned. ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball activated by fire flaming, it will work naturally to put off the fire and operate safely to the users and their valuable property well.


1. Engine Fuel leaks
2. Damaged electrical Cables
3. Car Crashes

** Remark
G* for automatic surveillance above the high-risk points inside the engine room and at battery conjunction sources caused the fire from flammable liquids leakage and integrated short circuit. 

High-Risk Points of Fire in Car Engine Room.

From the research the causes of fire found that fuel leaks, engine lubricant leaks, short circuits, ruined electric wires and etc.

Preventing from Fire with ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball for lives and properties.

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