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Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart, inventor of “Fire Extinguishing Ball”

We are GENUINE of fire extinguishing ball and automatic firefighting. The next big thing in fire fighting is here!

Investigation and prevention of intellectual property violations

As there are groups of people who use the reputation of Elide Fire Ball Brand in order to dishonestly make their alluring profits. Intellectual property infringement, concerning either pirated goods or counterfeit goods. We are always aware that fire ball is a safety product for life and property. Therefore, customers who buy an authentic brand are considered as the right thing as it brings along the perception of higher quality product, as well as the pride of owning the authentic goods. In fact, people want an accurate quality product not an imitation one. Once purchased and the product cannot be used, it can certainly cause problems. Therefore, the QR Code system that we have developed in order to inspect the authentic product by using a mobile phone that have QR Code scan function such as Line and Facebook Messenger to scan and wait for processing, it can immediately show an inspection result that the product is an authentic one.

-How to use QR Code

The process of inspecting authentic products from factory by using QR CODE.


Elide Fire is a technological breakthrough which has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the firefighting products market during the last years. Based on a revolutionary technology, the fireball self-detonates in contact with fire, thus it is inevitable that it will outshadow any other firefighting product.




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