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How to apply for the Exclusive Distributor?

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Step 1 : Step of submit the application.

The first step is to fill out the application form and sign the consent in the non-disclosure agreement of trade secret to other parties. The applicant must submit the application with the required documents as follows.

    1. The Application Form.
    2. The Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    3. A copy of company registration certificate in English version
    4. A copy passport or ID-Card of company authorized person.
    5. The company map or picture of location.

You will be received the product information from our staff such as product specifications, product features and user manuals.

Step 2 : Step of checking and considering the documents.

The process of considering and selecting the potential of candidates and present all documents to the Global Business Manager to provide the proposals with the terms and conditions for each country.

Step 2 : Step of sending proposals.

ELIDE FIRE will send the proposals under 2 options of the Sub-Distributor and the Exclusive Distributor including the terms & conditions as below.

    1. The Pricing, Cash Guarantee, First Order, MOQ per year etc.
    2. Payment Terms.
    3. End User Price.
    4. Production Time / Terms of Delivery
    5. Other Conditions.
Step 4 : Step of confirmation to accept the proposals.

The applicant considering and choosing the type of Distributors (Exclusive Distributor or Sub-Distributor) and sign accepts the proposals along with the terms & conditions by return email to ELIDE FIRE.

Step 5 : Step of signing agreement by email.

ELIDE FIRE will send the draft of agreement to considering and signature. Applicant sign in every pages of the agreement and send a scan copy by email, also send 2 set of original agreement to us by courier. ELIDE FIRE will sign and send it by return email as well.

Step 6 : Step of payments and purchase the first order

After received the signed agreement by email. ELIDE FIRE will send Proforma Invoice of the First Order or Cash Guarantee for your process of payments.

Step 7 : Step of appointment as the exclusive distributor or sub-distributor

After received the bank slip to confirmed the payment. ELIDE FIRE will sign in 2 set of original agreement and send one set back to the distributor along with the

Official Authorization Certificate.

Step 8 : Step of send all support documents.

ELIDE FIRE will send all documentation and marketing materials as following;

  1. Brand Book
  2. Specification of ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball
  3. User Manual and Testing Manual
  4. Awards, Certificates, Test Report of ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball
  5. Others.
Step 9 : Step of delivery shipment.

After received the bank slip to confirmed the payment. ELIDE FIRE will start the production and arrange the shipment.


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