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Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd (previous name: Siam Safety Premier Co., Ltd.) was established to develop inventions that were invented for commercial purposes. In order to be able to actually use with the hope that Thailand will be a new source of safety products part from receiving various awards, Mr. Phanawatnan hopes to build the nation to become a source of new innovation of security systems. In 1999, Siam Safety Premier Company Limited was established with registered capital of ฿2,000,000. In 2012, the company name was changed to Elide Fire Ball Pro and increased the company capital to ฿32,000,000 by using the ELIDE FIRE® Extinguishing ball as a trademark. Moreover, he has submitted and registered a patent with Department of Intellectual Property in Thailand and WIPO (world international patent organization) in Geneva and Switzerland in order to obtain the patent protection internationally for accessing to a wealth of technical information of Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, causing fire extinguishing ball to be protected in various countries and can be exported to market in many countries around the world. Moreover, he has invested in time to protect the intellectual property and hiring lawyers in the United States and the European Union.

Today, the fire extinguishing ball becomes very well-known worldwide. More than 300 million viewers have been watched and recognized his successful invention in social media that been ranked as one of hundred world excellent products from AWESOME TECH EVERYDAY. In order to improve performance of Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, Mr. Phanawatnan has conducted the research with Department of Science Service. Also, it has been supported by the Prime Minister’s Office for additional research. Consequently, it is a new standard of firefighting. Therefore, the research results will be considered as the world-class fire testing in particular of the fire extinguishing ball.

In 2017, the inventor has developed and researched products that are affected by developing in the use of new technology. He has researched and developed a fire ball to be smaller and more suitable for use in each situation by creating it in two types. Firstly, red small fire extinguishing ball for fire surveillance, various risk points in the house, building, office equipment and electric appliances. Secondly, small blue fire extinguishing ball for surveillance use in the engine room, automobiles and marine vessels by installing at various risk points. Both small balls weigh only 400 grams and have joined with counterfeit product control companies by establishing a product inspection system. ELIDE FIRE® has QR CODE for the use of identify products. Buyers can reconfirm that the product is manufactured from Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. with a GPS system indicating the installation area. Apart from research and development, the inventor has been protecting the rights from copyists all the time by improving the social media systems and creating “SMCM team” to provide an accurate product information in order to increase the reliability of the product for distributors and completed in 2018. He really wants to help the world from the fire problem. He is an honourable inventor as he received an international award from Ministry of Emergency and Safety, Russia by the Deputy Minister of Russia. Ministry of Emergency and Safety Federal state of Zia has given the certificate of the Safety and Humanitarian Assistance. In addition, the counterfeit products are spread as fast as funguses. There are culprits and scams who try to imitate copyrights, or even trademarks. He then choses to deal the major of intellectual property infringer first by filing a claim for ELIDE FIRE® and will expedite litigation to eliminate SME companies that are currently imitating ELIDE FIRE®.

VISION“Far advance product and continue
development to fulfill customers’

We will be the leader in the development of safety technology innovation. In order to raise the safety standard for people to create a national brand for foreigners to believe in Thai products as well as build reputation. Let the world know ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball by using the quality policy.


Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd has established the mission of the organization including product development and the prevention of counterfeit goods which will be eliminated. We will create a branding and trademark ELIDE FIRE® including the logo and the wordmark which will be created to be world famous mark in order to have an excellent image of the organization. Also, raising an awareness for people in order to know how to use the innovative fire extinguishing ball made in Thailand. We will focus on quality of product and change consumer behavior to use the new innovation to fight fire. It work 24/7 for product lifetime and there is no maintenance required which can reduce the burden as “New innovation to fight fire, Protect your life, We won’t let you to protect us as we are your protector ” Therefore, our distributors can be confident that they have certain information of the first and only authentic fire extinguishing ball in the world. Also, make our customers believe and feel our sincerity that we focus on marketing strategy for exclusive distributors and we are not ignore and neglect to problems which may obstruct the distributors.

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Elide Fire is a technological breakthrough which has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the firefighting products market during the last years. Based on a revolutionary technology, the fireball self-detonates in contact with fire, thus it is inevitable that it will outshadow any other firefighting product.




Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd.

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