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The Elide Fire Ball is a scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of an accidental fire. It can be in household, office, vehicle, factory, boat, restaurant…in fact, it can be anywhere!

USA PATENT NO. US 6796382The world’s first self-activating mobile fire suppression ball

Original Fire Extinguishing Ball by Manufacturer founded since 1998 in Thailand.
Reserve the exclusive rights in your country before anyone ELIDE FIRE registered global brand.

Original Fire Extinguishing Ball by Manufacturer founded since 1998 in Thailand.

Reserve the exclusive rights in your country before anyone ELIDE FIRE registered global brand.
Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart inventor of “Fire Extinguishing Ball” and CEO

About Product ELIDE FIRE® Extinguishing ball

Fire extinguishing ball, an advanced evolution of firefighting equipment that the inventor have brought the weaknesses of traditional fire extinguishers to further develop in order to be able to cover all functions and combine the outstanding features of different types of firefighting equipment. Until we successfully invented an automatic firefighting equipment that can run all the processes of firefighting, including firefighting and automatic surveillance. It signifies that all traditional type of firefighting equipment including a fire extinguisher, water sprinkler and smoke detector have limitations in activation.

The most obvious problems of traditional firefighting equipment


1. A heavy weight
2. Complex methods that obstruct to user operations
3. Difficult to use, especially for children, women and elders
4. A lack of people knowledge and training
5. In a panic situation, users tend to forget how to use the equipment.
6. There must be qualified and experienced in the inspection, testing and maintenance for at least every 6 months
7. The additional costs for maintenance and refill the fire extinguishing chemical
8. Users must be trained in firefighting first
9. The users of traditional fire extinguisher equipment must stay close to the firebase 1.8 meters and face to the high heat
10. The user must stand to control the equipment at all times until the chemicals run out or until the fire goes out
11. The users must wear thermal radiation protection uniforms as they have to expose to the heat at high temperatures. But ordinary people do not have a thermal radiation protection uniform
12. Because the chemical that using is phosphate which has salt properties that can corrode interior materials combined with the compressive strength of the chemical. Therefore, there is a risk of it’s to an explosion

It can be concluded that when there is a fire, people who are at the scene are unable to enter the primary fire suppression immediately. Due to the reason that the heat radiation of the fire is more than 800 degrees Celsius. Also, while using the traditional fire extinguishing equipment to spray, they cannot go to stand and spray within 1.8 meters. Therefore, the fire does not extinguish because those who firstly found the fire incident do not have a thermal radiation protection clothing as a firefighter. Finally, when the firefighters arrived, they are unable to help much just spray the water where the fire has not spread yet in order to reduce the temperature and wait till the fire burn out all the fuel. When analysed from the real situation, the firefighters who specialize in firefighting did not show up in the fire scene from the beginning Mostly, there are people who have no experience including women, children and elders. Therefore, it becomes a problem in the extinguishing since people cannot extinguish the fire at the primary stage. Hence, the fire continues spread, causing damage to life and property.

Extinguishing the fire of ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball


ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball extinguishes the fire by cutting the chain reaction and eliminating the reaction that occurs during the combustion process of chain reaction. The chemical is the component of the fire extinguisher to catch the free radicals that arose from the burning process. Also, it will prevent the burning process which is caused while the flame is burning, the fire ball stimulates the fire action, releasing low frequency sounds (IMPACT OR IMPUISE NOISE) interfering with protons and anti-protons. Therefore, it will disintegrate into Atom and generates heat energy, flames which cause a chain of flames. Moreover, the sound energy will increase the ability of chemical decomposition that are not harmful to people and environment. The Mono Ammonium Phosphate reacts as a base and acid which turn into salt and water, causing the fire to extinguish quickly.

The benefitsFire Extinguishing Ball

1. Fire extinguisher
: Initial fire (within 4 minutes) and intermediate fire (within 8 minutes) that the fire truck could not arrive in time.
3. The use of fire extinguisher
: Users must be close to the firebase. The fire extinguishing ball by using the principle of touching to the flame until it breaks and spread out the special concentrated chemical powder to cut the chain reaction of fire.
2. Fire extinguisher
In an area that the fire extinguishers are not able to use, such as a closed area that people cannot get close to the fire base and etc.
4. Auto-activate
: A surveillance system When there is a fire, there will be both an alarm and activation system to extinguish the fire automatically.

-Continuous development and research

At present, we keep developing our Fire Ball non-stop. We have been researching and developing innovative firefighting innovations, based on the 1.3 kg “Elide Fire Ball”, a model for fire attack has researched and developed a Fire Ball, small, compact, lightweight only 400 grams, together with inventors and scientists to meet the needs of small consumers. Moreover, Our research and development are much more effective than counterfeit products. We developed the performance of the small blue Fire Ball to extinguish the fire in the engine room within 1-3 seconds. In addition, we also developed the small red Fire Ball to extinguish the fire from an electric short circuit.

In contrast, people misunderstood that a circuit breaker will cut off an electrical system automatically if there is a problem and the fire will not burn. In fact, when an electric get overloaded, the insulation that covered the electric wire will be melted and reached the flashpoint. At that time the circuit breaker was not cut, the power could be cut only when the insulation was burned. The positive (+) and negative (-) wires were hit. Thus, the electricity was cut but the burning fire was not cut. People in the houses might think that the electricity will return in a while. Therefore, they continue to sleep and come to realize that the ceiling is getting hot. However, they cannot go downstairs because the fire has spread all over the house. They attempt to go to the bathroom but regretfully found that the water pipe was hot as boiled water. In the end, it becomes tragic.

The small fire extinguishing ball has been researched and developed to use in the car engine room for automatic surveillance and extinguish the fire at the risk point that might cause an electric short circuit from using electricity. Also, it was invented for surveillance an electric appliance that always using for 24/7 until it reached a lifetime. Every unit of Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls has been researched and tested by The Department of Science and Technology Services. It was tested and certified by Europe and its testing approved by International Standards. Moreover, the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball has been granted ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certification from TUV SUD, Germany.

There is quality control of the product, which started from the process of receiving the raw materials used in production with a standard inspection from inventors. After the production is completed, there will be product testing before delivery to our distributors in order to ensure that every unit of our products has the best quality, efficiency and can be used safely. There is also a QR code on every product as a certificate of authenticity. Therefore, the users can be confident that “Elide Fire Extinguishing ball” has accurately passed the quality according to the International Standard ISO 9001 which is an international set of quality standards that are agreed upon and accepted worldwide by using the quality policy principle “Advanced products, feel customers, continuously develop “. Today, the products have been tested in accordance with the civilian safety standards in the European Union both in the environment and humans. Elide fire extinguishing ball has passed the CE Mark certification of the European Union through product safety inspection procedures in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission.


Features of the ELIDE FIRE® extinguishing ball

1. Light weight and fit to the hand

2. Easy to use for children, women or elders

3. Automatically active within 3-10 seconds when touched to the frame

4. No maintenance required throughout 5 years lifespan

5. No additional costs for maintenance and refill the fire extinguishing chemical

6. No training required

7. Free for users and do not have to stand to control the equipment.

8. Send a warning sound while the fireball is working by created a loud noise. Therefore, people will instantly aware that there is a fire incident. The sound level is less than 140 dBC and it is the impact sound (IMPULSIVE NOISE) according to the sound standard assigned by ACGIH Institute 1999.

9. Surveillance for 24hours. The installed fire extinguishing ball ELIDE FIRE® will surveillance the fire at various risk areas.  in the event of a fire. When there was a fire the fire extinguishing ball ELIDE FIRE® will active and extinguish the fire before it’s spread to the ceiling of the house.

10. The dry chemical powder contained in the fire extinguishers ELIDE FIRE® is not harmful to human and environment. Also not listed on the hazardous chemical which destroy the environment of international organizations

11. The explosion of Fire extinguishing ball ELIDE FIRE® is not severe, not harmful to property and users. In addition, the material is wrapped in foam without CFC non-flammable type. There are only soft materials. Therefore, it will not create any damages to items outside of the firebase.



Elide Fire is a technological breakthrough which has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the firefighting products market during the last years. Based on a revolutionary technology, the fireball self-detonates in contact with fire, thus it is inevitable that it will outshadow any other firefighting product.




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